The company has always considered as primary importance to invest on equipment and training on aspects related to product quality and therefore we have the following equipment:

  • DAGE’s “X Ray” system which is normally used for process control of the SMD phase. The system allows high resolution and penetration vision of the welding joints’ characteristics for some types of components that cannot be displayed otherwise.
  • SAKI’s Automated optical inspection (AOI) system which we use for 100% production control.
  • SPEA UNITEST 500ADP’s in circuit bed of nails tester
    The In-Circuit test performs the electrical measurement of all the components inside the electronic board, separating them electrically from each other.
    This technique guarantees the greatest possible coverage of defects. For the pre-series we can also provide ICT testing with “FLYING PROBE” mobile probes by contacting a company located in our neighborhood (Spea certified).
  • Functional Test Benches
    In order to guarantee the functioning of the board in its final application, functional tests are carried out on customer specification. For this reason we produce automatic benches equipped with various instrumentation and managed by specific software.