SMT Assembly

SMT Technology represents a strong point of our company, and thanks to our new YAMAHA line up bought in 2018 we manage to satisfy the clients from prototyping to more significant lots.

We have three lines with a total of:

  • 3 serigraphs,
  • 1 point-glue machine,
  • 3 Pick & Place machines
  • 3 completion machines
  • 3 ovens.

The serigaphic machines ensure an excellent printing precision, in particular YAMAHA’s YSP guarantees the inspection of the 2D paste deposit.

The Pick & Place machines guarantee high levels of precision and positioning repeatability allowing the assembly of any type of components.
In addition, the YAMAHAs have removable trolleys for the off-line set-up, thus ensuring a greater line efficiency.

The seven-zone ovens are set up to suit the characteristics of the board, safeguarding the electronic components from thermal stress.

For the QUALITY control of the product the company is equipped with:
X-ray inspection machine
AOI optical inspection system
A continuous process control guarantees high quality standards.