Estabished in 1975, our core services cover assembling and testing electronic boards, allowing us to reach high skill and know-how in multiple sectors.
Continuous technology innovation and skill aimed workforce training, allow us high quality, flexibility and price affordable services on prototypes as well as large scale productions.

The company moved to the current headquarter in 2009 with 1800 sq/m overall area, of which 1400 sq/m is the production site and warehouse, while 400 sq/m are in use by offices and administrative headquarter.
The 20 units workforce is composed by 15 production worker and 5 technicians and administrative employee.Further services can be offered by Bael, e.g. full or partial purchasing of components and parts, with specific and efficient “Just in time” procedures.
Technical services and quality management are available to ensure the customer the full respect of the requested specifications as well all the customer needs to take the project from the prototype to the full scale production.
Quality management is ensured by UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 certified by TUV under the acceptability of electronicassemblies standard IPC-A-610.

Case histories covers commercial and technical environments as:

-              Telecommunication

-              Lighting

-              Control systems

-              Home appliances

-              Nuclear research